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Combo Hobbywing Xerun XR8 Plus 150A 2200Kv - N.B. Sport
Combo Hobbywing Xerun XR8 Plus 150A 2200Kv 206,60€


Built with the most rugged and high-quality components and coupled with cutting-edge firmware, the XR8 PLUS is able to deliver unmatched power and performance for even the most hardcore of racing applications, but is also responsive enough to protect itself from damage due to overloading due to physical abuse, overuse or even human error.

With strong torque and excellent output, the XR8 PLUS can definitely cater for all the power hungry requirements that professional drivers need. The highly adjustable parameters of the ESC will allow drivers to enjoy smooth throttle response when the throttle/brake linearity is utmost required.

The XR8 PLUS is the world’s first 1/8th ESC that integrates a HV built-in BEC with an output current of up to 15 Amp and a switchable output voltage of 6V-7.4V. The high voltage BEC is designed to handle today’s high voltage servos on demand used by 1/8th scale vehicles

The XR8 PLUS provides an exceptionally smooth off-throttle coasting function (patent pending), which simulates the feeling of inertia and momentum of a large-scale car driving experience. This can greatly improve the performance of builds utilizing large, high-powered motors as electromagnetic drag becomes a substantial factor in sudden deceleration when in the off-throttle position, adversely affecting driving performance and overall maneuvering.

Because of the exceptional thought and design put into the XR8 PLUS, users can expect a virtually maintenance free operating experience, due to advanced error sensing and thermal protection, an exceptionally rugged housing, the ultimate in heat-dissipation technology and a special shockproof fan mounting able to withstand anything that a racer can throw at it.

HobbyWing XeRun XR8 Plus Features:

High Reliability & Durability
Great Flexibility & Versatility
High Voltage Built-in BEC
Advanced and Secure Electronic Switch
High Performance Dynamic Timing Algorithm
Virtually Maintenance Free Operation
Ultra-Reliable Cooling System
ESC Spec Check:

Scale: 1/8th
Brushed/Brushless: Brushless
Sensored/Sensorless: Sensored
Waterproof: No
Cont./Peak Current: 150A/950A
Input: 2-6S LiPo/6-18 Cells NiMH
BEC Output: Switch Mode:6V/7.4V,6A
Input Wires: Red-10AWG-200mm*1/Red-10AWG-150mm*1/Black-10AWG-150mm*1
Output Wires: Black-12AWG-200mm*3
Input Connectors: No
Output Connectors: No
Fan Size: 30.0x30.0x10.0mm
Fan Voltage Range: 5-7.4V
Weight: 127g
The first motor (in the world) with a built-in chip which helps ESC identify it's a HOBBYWING motor (when pairing with XERUN XR8/XR8 Plus) and form a power system which can work in the "Full-Sensored" mode and provide users with the better performance and smoother control.

The first "error-free" Hall sensing system (HOBBYWING's patent) (in the RC field) adopted by this motor guarantees users the steady operation in the "Full-Sensored" mode. A separate high-speed high precision encoder always output the clean signals (indicate the rotor's location) and not be affected by other signal interference.

CNC-machined aluminum ribbed heatsink case with the sensor port covered by silicon O-ring seal guarantees users the effective heat dissipation and dust prevention. New-style U gold-plated tabs with extremely-low internal resistance allows users to solder output wires easily and firmly on.

This motor is not only applicable to popular 1/8th scale racing vehicles like Cobra e-Truggy, TLR 8ight-E 3.0, AE RC8.2e, TEAM C DEX8T and Serpent-977E, but also other trucks, buggies, touring cars, etc.

HobbyWing XeRun 4268SD G2 Motor Features:

Full-sensored Mode
Turbo Timing Technology
Bi-directional Adjustable Timing
Advanced Hall Sensing System
Low Cogging Torque
Quality Materials & Excellent Design
Motor Spec Check:

Scale: 1/8th
Brushed/Brushless: Brushless
Sensored/Sensorless: Sensored
Pole Count: 4
KV Rating: 2200
LiPo Cells: 2-6S
No-load Current(A): 4.5
Timing: 20-40 Degrees(Adjustable)
O.D.(mm): 42.0
Length (mm): 68.0
Shaft Diameter (mm): 5.0
Weight (g): 325

Ref. HW38020424


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